From Flakes to Facts: No, Hair Pomade Does Not Cause Dandruff

In our times, when we collectively strive to seek authentic experiences, where art, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of a greener world intertwine, pomade from Battle Born Grooming Co. becomes a symbol. It represents a style movement, a nod to the generations of men and women who sought to control their wild locks in pursuit of presenting their best self to the world. It's an art, it's science, and it's, most importantly, a personal journey of discovery.

A 1-star review recently caught my eye. It accused Battle Born Grooming Co.'s Original Pomade of causing dandruff and failing to maintain the day's hairstyle. As a passionate co-owner of this brand, I feel an urge to step in, perhaps out of a sort of kinship. We live and breathe in the era of opinions, in the age of keyboard warriors who are eager to post reviews even before the product scent fades.

Before we delve into the pomade-dandruff controversy, let's have a closer look at this review.

An unjustified and unfair medical claim designed to hurt a company in a 1-star-review on Amazon

The complaint hinges on two points. Firstly, the allegation of dandruff, a familiar foe to many, and secondly, the apparent inefficacy of the pomade to hold a hairstyle throughout the day. But to blame the pomade might be, in my humble opinion, a misdirection of ire.

Dandruff, those pesky, flaky interlopers in your otherwise picture-perfect hair, isn't birthed from the use of pomade. Instead, it's an unwelcome gift from a medley of potential factors: dry skin, a yeast-like fungus called malassezia, sensitivity to hair care products (not necessarily ours), not to mention stress or abrupt weather changes. And let's not forget, the occasional indulgence in alcohol, which can disrupt your body's natural balance, leading to a dehydrated scalp, might just be an unseen contributor to this flaky nuisance.

The accusations against our Original Pomade suggest a correlation, but the causality remains unproven. Our pomade is concocted with a rich blend of natural ingredients, each playing its part in nourishing your hair, not causing a snowfall on your shoulders.

We're talking about beeswax, a natural emulsifier that provides a hold without clogging the pores; Jojoba seed oil, a liquid gold known for its moisturizing properties; Meadowfoam seed oil, the guardian against moisture loss; and Shea butter, the soothing balm for your scalp.

Each ingredient, in its essence, aims to provide a healthier mane and scalp. They are the foot soldiers defending your hair against the ruthless, often unforgiving, urban environment. To then, blame these warriors for an unexpected outbreak of dandruff is, in a word, unjust.

As for the critique about the pomade's hold, it's important to remember that our Original Pomade is designed to provide a medium hold with a low shine. It's for those who appreciate the relaxed, natural look, not a plastered, overly-sculpted hairdo. Sometimes, the style slipping away may be a sign of applying less product than required, or perhaps the product doesn't align with the user's hair type or preferred style.

One must remember that using pomade isn't a one-size-fits-all deal. It's an art, a routine, and often, a trial-and-error process to understand what your hair needs and how much it needs. Our pomade provides the canvas and the palette; the final art is in your hands.

Reviews, of course, are personal experiences, and every individual has a unique journey with a product. However, it's vital to remember that just like every snowflake, each strand of hair on our heads is unique, with its temperament and demands. A product might work differently on different hair, under various circumstances, and in the hands of diverse users.

This brings us to the larger question: Can pomade cause dandruff? No definitive scientific study to date points to a clear connection between the two. What we can say, though, is that using products laden with harsh chemicals or not maintaining a healthy hair care routine can lead to an unhappy scalp. And this, my friends, is the breeding ground for dandruff.

Remember, your hair and scalp are living entities. They respond to the care you provide, the environment you expose them to, and the products you use. They need nourishment, they need nurturing, and most importantly, they need respect. Disrespect them with harsh chemicals, and they'll rebel, giving you a flaky, itchy nightmare.

Now, Battle Born Grooming Co. is known for its commitment to natural, nourishing ingredients. We've made sure our Original Pomade has no petroleum, no parabens, no alcohol, no propylene glycol, no mineral oil, no sulfates, and no animal testing. In fact, we might be one of the most wholesome, vegan-friendly, and environmentally-conscious choices out there.

We're not just providing you a jar of pomade; we're handing over a labor of love, a product made with the dedication to provide the best, and nothing but the best. We're committed to taking the high road, even if it's the harder one.

So, can our Original Pomade cause dandruff? It's highly unlikely, given the nature of its ingredients and the care taken in its formulation. But like in every relationship, the chemistry between your hair and our product might vary. If you experience discomfort, we advise consulting a healthcare professional to determine the root cause, rather than simply pointing the finger at the pomade.

Photo by Daniel Eledut on Unsplash

Photo by Daniel Eledut on Unsplash

Now, onto the big elephant in the room: Amazon's policies regarding communication between sellers and customers. There's an undeniable rigidity there, a barrier as solid as the Great Wall of China that claims to protect the sanctity of a fair and unbiased review system. A noble aim, certainly, maintaining the integrity of the platform and keeping us sellers from coercing or incentivizing customers to alter their sacred words of appraisal or condemnation.

It's a dance of silence, really, that Amazon orchestrates. The anonymity and non-communication are meant to shield, to prevent the sellers from swooping down like hawks, intent on manipulating the narrative.

However, while designed to maintain impartiality, this very system seems to tilt the playing field. We sellers stand on one side, bound and gagged by the rules, while customers on the other side are free to let their words flow, unchecked and unchallenged. It's like being on trial with a blindfold on, and your hands tied behind your back.

In our opinion, there's a flaw in this seemingly impeccable system: the silencing of sellers. Yes, reviews are important, a mirror reflecting our successes and our missteps. But if a customer chooses to shut themselves off from communication, should they hold the right to critique in a public forum?

Screenshot of a 1-star amazon review with the customer opting out of communication.

Ah, the irony of it all. Our only option in this digital dance is to grit our teeth, bend the knee, and offer a courtesy refund. There's something fundamentally unfair about that, wouldn't you agree? You can brand me as old-fashioned, but I come from a time when returns weren't as impersonal as a click or two.

Imagine a time when returning something meant you had to actually show up, stand in line, and look another human being in the eyes as you explained your grievance. It fostered communication, understanding, and an element of accountability that's sorely lacking in our digital marketplace today.

Now, consider the review we're navigating right now. Our Original Pomade has been accused of causing dandruff, a claim plastered on the digital canvas of Amazon, open for every passing glance to scrutinize. We, the craftsmen behind this product, are left mute and powerless.

Our branded seller admin panel, which should serve as a bridge between us and our customers, feels more like a ship stranded on a desolate island. There's no way to engage, no channel to clarify, not even a whisper of a chance to extend a reconciliatory gesture to the unhappy customer. We can only watch in silence, reach into our coffers, and extend a refund, hoping it might placate the storm.

Somehow, this doesn't feel like progress to me.

To the one-star reviewer, I say this: 

Your feedback is important, and we're sorry that your experience was less than stellar. However, know that our product is a result of careful formulation, a harmony of nature's best gifts, designed to respect your hair and scalp. If you're facing an issue with dandruff or style holding, we urge you to explore the root cause in depth, perhaps with professional consultation. And hey, you might want to give our other products a shot. The matte paste or clay pomade might be more up your alley.

In the vast cosmos of hair styling, we stand as a beacon for those seeking a natural, healthier alternative. Our commitment to our customers, to quality, and to the environment remains unshaken. A lone star, even if it's a one-star, won't deter us from our mission.

After all, in the words of Neil Gaiman, "Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten." In our journey, dandruff is our dragon, and we promise to arm you with the best tools in the battle against it. Let's keep fighting the good fight, shall we?

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Michael Boyd

Michael Boyd is a passionate co-owner of Battle Born Grooming Co, dedicated to delivering top-notch grooming products. With a love for hair, the ocean, and life, he brings a unique perspective to the business. Incorporating meditation and mindfulness, Michael finds balance in his daily routine. He is also an advocate for animal welfare and an avid globetrotter, seeking inspiration from diverse cultures.