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  • A Man with curly hair possibly with hair pomade in it, playing with the leaves of fall.

    How to Use Pomade on Curly Hair

    Discover the secrets of styling with our guide on how to use pomade on curly hair. Get tips for perfect application, choosing the right product, and achieving frizz-free, defined curls. Read our FAQ for quick answers and transform your curls today!   Read more

  • Man using shampoo to remove hair pomade

    How to Wash Out Hair Pomade: Say Goodbye to Sticky Hair

    Learn how to effectively wash out hair pomade and say goodbye to sticky, greasy hair. Our comprehensive guide provides tips and techniques for removing product buildup, leaving your hair clean and healthy. Read more

  • The back of a man's head reveals the effects of male pattern baldness, with noticeable hair thinning. Despite the condition, the image raises the question of whether pomade, a hairstyling product, can help address the issue of thinning hair.

    Pomade for Thin Hair: Enhance Your Hairstyle and Add Volume

    The benefits of using pomade for thin hair are endless. Get the inside scoop on tips and tricks for achieving the best results for your hair. Volume and texture can be yours. Read more

  • A joyful scientist with a full white beard, possibly styled with hair styling products, wearing a lab coat and blue gloves, holds up a flask containing a blue liquid. He is situated in a laboratory setting with blue-tinted ambiance.

    Hair Styling Products: The Science Behind Their Magic

    Hair styling is not just an art; it's a science. Every dollop of pomade or smear of paste has a chemistry that interacts with your hair to create hold, texture, and finish. At Battle Born Grooming Co, we pride ourselves on understanding this science, ensuring that our products not only style your hair but also nurture it. Read more

  • Diverse women with labels identifying their hair types, ranging from 1A straight to 4C coily

    What Is My Hair Type? Find Out With Our Complete Guide

    What is your hair type? Discover the secrets to identifying your unique hair texture and pattern with our comprehensive guide. Unlock the mysteries of 1a to 4c hair types, delve into the details of porosity and density, and learn how to tailor your hair care regimen for lush, healthy locks. Whether you have fine, wavy, coiled, or thick tresses, our expert advice will help you embrace and enhanc... Read more


Dive into the world of Hair Pomade, your one-stop destination for all things related to this versatile and timeless styling product. We have lots of information, tips, and tricks to help you get the most out of your pomade. Learn about the different types of pomades, from water-based to oil-based, and discover how they cater to a variety of hair types and styling preferences.

  • Rows of amber glass jars filled with freshly poured Battle Born Grooming Co hair pomade, ready for sealing.

    Hair Pomade: 50 Most Popular Questions Answered

    In the ever-evolving world of hair styling, "pomade" has emerged as a term synonymous with timeless style and versatility. Dive in as we tackle 50 of the most frequently asked questions about pomade, ensuring you get the most out of your hair pomade experience. Read more

  • Stylish man with groomed hair, possibly styled with pomade or gel, gazing out at the ocean on a beach.  Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash

    Pomade vs Gel: Which One Is Best for Your Hair?

    Discover the key differences between hair pomade and hair gel, and learn which one is best suited for your hair type and desired style. Find out which product reigns supreme in the world of hair styling in our comprehensive guide Read more

  • Man with hair wax or pomade in his slicked-back hair, standing on the beach with waves in the background.

    Wax vs Pomade: Which One is Best for Your Hair Type?

    Discover the key differences between wax and pomade and find out which one is best for your hair type with our comprehensive guide. Get expert tips and advice to help you choose the perfect product for achieving your desired hairstyle. Read more

  • Stylish guy with a fresh haircut sporting a classic pomp hairstyle. (Photo by André Reis on Unsplash)

    What Is Pomade? The Ultimate Guide to Pomade

    What is pomade? In the vast realm of hairstyling products, it can be challenging to navigate through the many options like gels, waxes, clays, and more. Among these choices, one product stands out as a timeless classic: the Pomade. Let's delve deeper to understand its unique properties and benefits. Read more