What Is Pomade? The Ultimate Guide to Pomade

What is pomade? In the vast realm of hairstyling products, it can be challenging to navigate through the many options like gels, waxes, clays, and more. Among these choices, one product stands out as a timeless classic: the Pomade. Let's delve deeper to understand its unique properties and benefits.

The History of Pomade: A Journey Back in Time

Pomade's rich history is as varied and fascinating as the hairstyles it helps to create. From ancient concoctions to today's sophisticated formulations, Pomade has consistently held a prominent position in the hairstyling world. Here's a glimpse into the intriguing journey of this timeless product:

  • The Ancient Touch: The story of Pomade begins with the ancient Romans. Hair was a significant aspect of Roman fashion and self-expression. Understanding the importance of an ideal hairstyle, the Romans used animal fats to keep their hair in place and shine. Thus, the concept of Pomade was born.
  • Middle Ages: During the Middle Ages, hair symbolized status and wealth, and the trend of using animal fats in hair continued. Some even used vegetable oils to achieve a glossy, slicked-back look.
  • 19th Century Elegance: The term "pomade" is derived from the French word "pomade," meaning "ointment." The name came into being because early versions of the product were made from apples (pommes). In the 19th century, oil-based pomades gained popularity. These pomades were typically made with lard or bear fat. While they were effective at holding and shaping the hair, they were often heavy, greasy, and challenging to wash out.
  • The 20th Century Revolution: The 20th century heralded a new era for pomades. Scientists invented water-based pomades. These next-generation pomades offered the same level of hold and styling capability but without the weight and greasiness of their oil-based predecessors. They were much easier to wash out, which was a significant win for hair health and maintenance.
  • The Modern-Day Pomade: Today, pomades are sophisticated, high-performing products often formulated with a mix of natural and synthetic ingredients to achieve the desired hold, shine, and washability. Many brands, like Battle Born Grooming Co., prioritize natural and organic ingredients, ensuring their products' style effectively and nourishing the hair and scalp.

Pomade's evolution is a testament to humanity's ongoing desire for personal expression and style. From its humble beginnings as animal fat to the refined product we know today, Pomade has proven to be a resilient player in the history of hairstyling. It's more than just a styling product; it's a celebration of our unending quest for self-expression and individuality.

What is Hair Pomade?

Pomade, with its rich history and diverse applications, has been a cornerstone in the world of hairstyling for generations. Its adaptability and range of finishes make it a favorite for many. Let's have a deeper look into the distinct attributes of pomade:

  1. Universal Appeal: Pomade is not just a product for a specific hair type or style. Its versatility means it can be used by people with straight, wavy, curly, or coiled hair. Moreover, regardless of gender or age, pomade can be the perfect styling companion.

  2. Flexible Hold: One of the standout features of pomade is its range of hold. Whether you're aiming for a relaxed, breezy look or a sharp, structured style, there's a pomade formulation out there for you. The hold can be adjusted based on the amount used and the method of application.

  3. Customizable Shine: From a natural matte finish to a dazzling high gloss, pomades offer a spectrum of shine levels. This allows users to tailor their look according to the occasion, be it a casual day out or a formal event.

  4. Water vs. Oil-Based Dichotomy:

    • Water-Based Pomades: These are modern iterations that are designed for ease of use. They provide a good hold, are easy to wash out at the end of the day, and don't leave a greasy residue. They're ideal for those who change their hairstyles frequently or don't want to commit to a long-lasting hold.
    • Oil-Based Pomades: A nod to the traditional formulations, oil-based pomades offer a robust hold and a distinct shine. They are perfect for styles that require endurance. However, they can be a bit challenging to wash out and might require a deep-cleansing shampoo.
  5. Nourishment and Protection: Many pomades come infused with beneficial ingredients like vitamins, natural oils, and UV protectants. These not only help in styling but also nourish the hair, keeping it healthy and protected from environmental aggressors.

  6. Scented Varieties: To enhance the styling experience, some pomades are infused with pleasant fragrances, ranging from fresh and citrusy to deep and musky. This added touch ensures your hair not only looks good but also smells fantastic.

Pomade is more than just a styling product. It's a tool that empowers individuals to express themselves, to transform their look, and to step out with confidence. Whether you're a hairstyling novice or a seasoned pro, pomade has something to offer for everyone.

What Is Pomade Made Of?

Delving into the nitty-gritty of pomade ingredients helps to shed light on why they perform the way they do. Each ingredient in a pomade has a specific role, from providing that perfect hold to adding a lustrous sheen. So, let's have a closer look into the commonly used ingredients in pomades, specifically focusing on those used in Battle Born Grooming Co.'s natural and organic range:

  • Waxes: Wax is a vital ingredient in pomades as it provides hold and allows for easier styling. Among the different types of waxes, beeswax and candelilla wax are popular choices.
    • Beeswax offers a natural and flexible hold and can help lock in moisture, making it a great asset in maintaining hair health.
    • Candelilla Wax, a vegan alternative to beeswax, helps provide a strong yet pliable hold that is perfect for sculpting hair into various styles.
  • Oils: Including oils in pomades isn't just for shine; they can nourish the hair. Battle Born Grooming Co.'s pomades feature jojoba, avocado, and castor oil.
    • Jojoba Oil resembles the natural oil (sebum) produced by the scalp, making it an excellent moisturizer to help maintain a healthy scalp.
    • Avocado Oil is rich in vitamins A, D, E and omega-3 fatty acids, promoting hair health and adding shine.
    • Castor Oil is known for its potential hair growth-promoting properties due to its high ricinoleic acid content.
  • Butter: Natural butter add another layer of nourishment to the hair.
    • Shea Butter is widely recognized for its hydrating properties. It's packed with vitamins A and E and essential fatty acids, making it deeply moisturizing for the hair and scalp.
  • Clays: Clays add texture and volume and can help control oiliness.
    • Kaolin Clay is a gentle clay known for its ability to cleanse hair without drying it out, making it a fantastic choice for sensitive scalps.
    • Bentonite Clay is derived from volcanic ash and can help detoxify and cleanse the hair and scalp while adding volume and curl definition.

Understanding what pomade is made of and how these ingredients benefit your hair is crucial. The Battle Born Grooming Co.'s pomades ensure you're styling your hair and nourishing it, all thanks to their careful selection of natural and organic ingredients. The result? Your hair looks fantastic and feels healthy too!

How to Use Pomade: Unleashing Pomade's Power

Pomade, a versatile hair styling product, has been a staple in grooming routines for decades. Its unique texture and hold capabilities make it a favorite among both novices and professionals. Here's how to harness the full potential of this remarkable product:

  1. Preparation is Key: Before applying pomade, ensure your hair is clean and slightly damp. This helps in even distribution and better hold. If your hair is too wet, the pomade may not adhere as well, and if it's too dry, you might not achieve the desired style.

  2. Start with a Small Amount: Remember, less is more when it comes to pomade. Begin with a dime-sized amount. It's always easier to add more product if needed than to wash out excess.

  3. Warm it Up: Rub the pomade between your palms for a few seconds. This warms and softens the product, making it easier to work with and ensuring a smoother application.

  4. Root to Tip Application: Begin applying the pomade at the roots of your hair and work your way out to the ends. This method ensures that the hair gets an even coat of product and helps in achieving a consistent style.

  5. Style with Precision: Use your fingers for a more tousled, natural look or employ a comb for a sleeker, more defined appearance. Remember to style in the direction you want your hair to lay.

  6. Adjust as Needed: If you find that your hair needs more hold or shine, feel free to add a bit more pomade. However, be cautious not to overdo it, as too much product can make your hair look greasy.

  7. Set with a Hairdryer (Optional): For those seeking extra hold, especially in humid conditions, you can set your style with a hairdryer on a cool setting. This helps lock in the style and gives it longevity.

  8. Maintenance and Removal: Pomade can last the whole day, but if you need to adjust your style, simply use a wet comb or fingers to reshape. At the end of the day, use a good shampoo to wash out hair pomade. Some pomades are water-soluble, making them easier to wash out, while others might require a couple of washes.

By following these steps, you'll be able to make the most of your pomade and achieve a hairstyle that not only looks great but also lasts all day. Whether you're going for a classic slicked-back look or a modern textured style, pomade is your go-to product for impeccable results.

Pomade Vs. The World: How Does It Compare?

The hairstyling product universe is vast, brimming with gels, waxes, mousses, and more. But what sets Pomade apart from its counterparts? Understanding these differences is key to determining which product is your hair's best ally. Let's stack up Pomade against the competition:

  • Pomade vs. Gel: Hair gel is often the go-to for that 'wet look' or rock-solid hairstyle. It provides a high hold, but restyling throughout the day becomes a challenge once it hardens. Plus, certain gels can cause flaking or 'crunchiness.' On the other hand, Pomade offers a pliable hold, maintaining flexibility throughout the day. You can easily restyle your hair without flaky fallout, making it an excellent choice for those wanting style without rigidity.
  • Pomade vs. Wax: Hair wax is known for its stronghold and low shine, making it ideal for hairstyles that require a firm grip. It tends to be thicker and a bit harder to wash out. Pomade, especially water-based versions like those from Battle Born Grooming Co., offers a range of holds and shines, depending on the product. This flexibility lets you choose a product that suits your desired style. Plus, pomades are easier to wash, causing less buildup and potential hair damage.
  • Pomade vs. Mousse: Mousse is the featherweight in this match. It is airy and light, making it perfect for adding volume and body to hairstyles, especially those with thin hair. However, when it comes to holding, mousse might fall short. This is where Pomade shines. A dollop of Pomade can provide the hold you need while still allowing for movement and restyling.
  • Pomade vs. Clay: Hair clay is a relative newcomer in the hairstyling world. It provides a matte finish and adds thickness and body to the hair, making it a popular choice for textured, natural-looking hairstyles. However, clay can be challenging due to its typically thicker consistency. Pomade offers the best of both worlds, particularly those with clay in their formulations, like Battle Born Grooming Co.'s Clay Pomade. They provide the texture and matte finish associated with clay but with the ease of use characteristic of pomades.

In a world teeming with hairstyling options, Pomade distinguishes itself with its versatility, ease of use, and range of possibilities for hold and shine. Whether you're aiming for a vintage slick-back, a textured modern look, or anything in between, there's likely a perfect pomade. Battle Born Grooming Co.'s diverse range of pomades promises just that, offering a variety of finishes and holds with all the benefits of natural and organic ingredients.

The Pomade Revolution: Hair Styles You Can Achieve

One of the reasons for Pomade's enduring popularity is its chameleon-like ability to lend itself to many hairstyles. From retro classics to modern chic, Pomade is the silent artist that can make your hair canvas come alive. Let's delve into some iconic styles that you can effortlessly achieve with the help of a quality pomade:

  • The Pompadour: This hairstyle is as timeless as they come. Named after Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV, this style is all about height and volume. Pomade helps hold the hair up and back, creating a wave that will turn heads. Battle Born Grooming Co.'s Matte Paste is a perfect companion for crafting a pompadour, providing a stronghold and a natural, matte finish that stays put throughout the day.
  • Slicked Back: Channel your inner Don Draper with this controlled, smooth style. The slicked-back look exudes sophistication and coolness for medium to long hair. To achieve this, you need a product that can keep your hair back without making it crunchy or stiff. That's where a water-based pomade, like Battle Born Grooming Co.'s Original Pomade, comes into play, offering medium hold with a low shine for that classy, understated look.
  • Side Part: A classic style that never falls out of favor, the side part works well in formal and casual settings. The key here is subtlety and precision. With its firm hold and matte finish, a pomade like Battle Born Grooming Co.'s Clay Pomade allows for a defined part while keeping the hair flexible and natural-looking.
  • Textured Quiff: The textured quiff is your best bet if you aim for a casual, slightly messy look with a touch of volume. Using a pomade like Battle Born Grooming Co.'s Matte Paste, you can create texture and movement while adding a touch of height to your hair.
  • Faux Hawk: For the adventurous souls, the faux hawk offers the boldness of a mohawk without the commitment of shaving the sides of your head. A high-hold pomade can keep your hair standing at attention, creating a striking style statement.
  • The Ducktail: Looking to channel some 50s vibes? The ducktail, reminiscent of Elvis Presley, is a style that's full of character. Combining a slick back on the sides with a more voluminous center, this style requires a pomade with a solid hold, like Battle Born Grooming Co.'s Matte Paste, to maintain its unique shape.

From retro to modern, formal to casual, and subtle to bold, Pomade is a versatile tool in any hairstyling arsenal. A single jar opens up a world of possibilities, making it a must-have for anyone passionate about their hair game.

Stylish guy with a fresh haircut sporting a classic pomp hairstyle. (Photo by André Reis on Unsplash)

Pomade: A Friend to All Hair Types

Pomade is like the Switzerland of hair products – neutral, welcoming, and adaptable to all hair types. This universal appeal, coupled with its styling prowess, makes Pomade a veritable hero in the world of hairstyling. Let's understand why:

  • For Straight Hair: Straight hair can often suffer from a lack of texture, making styling challenging. Pomade can come to the rescue by adding much-needed texture and definition. It can prevent your straight hair from falling flat and appearing lifeless. Battle Born Grooming Co.'s Matte Paste, with its strong hold and matte finish, can add that coveted texture, turning your straight hair into a lively canvas for various styles.
  • For Curly and Wavy Hair: Curly and wavy hair can be beautiful, but taming it can be a Herculean task. Enter Pomade, your hair's superhero. It helps manage frizz, defines your curls or waves, and adds a touch of shine, enhancing your natural hair pattern. With its firm hold and matte finish, Battle Born Grooming Co.'s Clay Pomade is excellent for defining and controlling curls, leaving them frizz-free and radiant.
  • For Thin Hair: Adding volume can be a constant struggle for those with thin or fine hair. Pomade, especially lighter variants, can add volume and the illusion of thickness without weighing your hair down. With its medium hold and low shine, Battle Born Grooming Co.'s Original Pomade can create a fuller appearance while keeping your style flexible and natural-looking.
  • For Thick Hair: While thick hair can be a blessing, managing it and keeping it in style can be quite an ordeal. Here's where a strong hold pomade shines. It can effectively control and manage thick hair, maintaining your style all day, regardless of the weather or activity level. With its superior hold, Battle Born Grooming Co.'s Matte Paste can be your thick hair's best companion.
  • For Coarse Hair: Coarse hair can be stubborn and tough to style. However, a good quality pomade can soften the hair, make it more manageable, and hold it in place. The moisture from oils like jojoba and avocado in Battle Born Grooming Co.'s pomades can penetrate the hair shafts, nourishing them and making them more responsive to styling.

Regardless of your hair type, Pomade brings its A-game to ensure you can style your hair however you want. Its versatility and adaptability make it a trusty ally in the face of all your hair challenges.

Battle Born Grooming Co Pomades: A Class Apart

Finding one that ticks all the right boxes in the grand bazaar of hairstyling products can be a Herculean task. Battle Born Grooming Co. makes this search easy by bringing pomades that are a cut above the rest. Our pomades are like the superheroes of hair styling with a blend of natural ingredients, quality craftsmanship, and a variety for every hair need. Let's explore more into why our pomades are nothing short of a hair revolution:

  • Natural Ingredients: We firmly believe that nature knows best, so our pomades are formulated with natural and organic ingredients. We wave a vehement no to petroleum, parabens, alcohol, propylene glycol, mineral oil, sulfates, and cruelty. Our pomades are teeming with the goodness of beeswax, avocado oil, shea butter, kaolin clay, and more, each ingredient playing a vital role in nourishing, protecting, and styling your hair. By choosing Battle Born Grooming Co., you're not just being kind to your hair but also doing your bit for the environment.
  • Quality and Variety: Just as you wouldn't wear the same outfit for every occasion, your hair also deserves the flexibility to adapt to various looks. We offer three types of pomades - Matte Paste, Clay Pomade, and Original Pomade - each providing a unique finish and hold.
  • Good Hair Days, Everyday: We all know the confidence a good hair day brings. With our pomades, we aim to make every day a good hair day. Regardless of the occasion - be it a high-stakes business meeting, a casual coffee date, or a glamorous night out - our pomades ensure your hair is always at its best. Our pomades make styling easy, giving you more time to focus on conquering the day.

Choosing Battle Born Grooming Co. pomades is not just a choice for excellent hairstyling; it's for healthier hair, a healthier environment, and the freedom to be your best stylish every day. Conquer the world, one hairstyle at a time, with Battle Born Grooming Co. pomades.

The Bottom Line: Unleash the Power of Pomade

In the realm of hair styling, Pomade reigns supreme. It's a versatile, timeless, and user-friendly product that can help you achieve a range of looks, from the classic to the contemporary. Pomade is a reliable tool in your hair styling arsenal, no matter your hair type, length, or style preference.

Pomade can work miracles in the hands of the discerning stylist or the adventurous novice. It's time to ditch the misconceptions, embrace the revolution, and let Pomade transform your hairstyling routine.

Let's celebrate the art of hairstyling, one pomade-infused style at a time. Welcome to the world of Pomade, your ultimate styling companion. So, are you ready to reinvent your hair game?

Pomade: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is pomade?

A: Pomade is a hair styling product that's used to create a variety of hairstyles. Its defining characteristics are its shine and hold, which can range from low to high depending on the type of pomade.

Q: How does pomade work?

A: Pomade works by coating the hair, giving it shape, structure, and shine. It's versatile and can be used to achieve anything from sleek, formal styles to more casual, textured looks.

Q: What are the main ingredients in pomade?

A: Pomades can contain a range of ingredients. Traditional oil-based pomades often include ingredients like beeswax or petroleum, while newer, water-based formulas might include ingredients like water, ceteareth-20, and PVP.

Q: Who can use pomade?

A: Pomade can be used by anyone, regardless of gender or hair type. It's a versatile product that's capable of creating a wide variety of styles, making it a great choice for anyone interested in styling their hair.

Q: Are there different types of pomade?

A: Yes, there are two main types of pomade: oil-based and water-based. Oil-based pomades provide a high level of shine and hold but can be difficult to wash out. Water-based pomades are easier to wash out and can provide a range of shines and holds, depending on the formula.

Q: Can pomade damage my hair?

A: When used properly, pomade should not damage your hair. However, it's important to wash it out regularly to prevent build-up. Also, choosing a pomade with nourishing ingredients can even help improve your hair's health!

Q: Can I use pomade on any hairstyle?

A: Absolutely! Pomade is highly versatile and can be used on a variety of hairstyles, from slick backs and pompadours to textured waves and curls.

Q: How do I use pomade?

A: To apply pomade, start with a small amount, rub it between your palms until it's warm, then work it through your hair from roots to ends. You can then comb or style your hair as desired. Remember, it's easier to add more pomade if needed, so start small!

Q: Is pomade only for short hair?

A: No, pomade can be used on all hair lengths. While it's commonly associated with shorter, classic men's styles, it can also be used to define curls, control frizz, and add texture to longer hair.

Q: How do I remove pomade from my hair?

A: Removing pomade from your hair usually requires a good shampoo. For oil-based pomades, you might need a clarifying shampoo or a dish soap, as they can be harder to wash out. Water-based pomades usually wash out with regular shampoo.

Q: What remarkable benefits and results have your pomades provided?

A: Our pomades offer multiple benefits. They provide various levels of hold and shine, nourish and protect your hair, and are adaptable to all hair types and lengths. The results? Healthier, stylish hair, and satisfied customers who are part of the Battle Born Grooming Co. family.

Q: What are the ground-breaking features of your pomades?

A: Our pomades are the product of extensive research and innovation. They offer a blend of natural and organic ingredients, each serving a unique purpose, from adding volume and texture to conditioning and protecting your hair. Our pomades are designed for effectiveness and sustainability.


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