The True Meaning of Nevada's 'Battle Born' Motto

There's a lot of controversy over Nevada's state motto, "Battle Born." For me, it conjures up feelings that this phrase is about strength, resilience, and courage. And honestly, I think it's a pretty damn good motto. After all, we named our company after this motto.

Some people say that this motto's origins are more complicated than that. Nevada became a territory in March 1861, just before the Civil War started. And while the state did become a state during the war, no actual battles were fought on Nevada soil. Only a handful of soldiers from Nevada even participated in the war.

So why does Nevada use "Battle Born" as its state motto? Well, that's a good question. Some people think that Nevada needs a better motto, one that actually fits its unique history.

But to me, "Battle Born" still works perfectly for Nevada in today's times. Sure, the Civil War was over a thousand miles away, but that doesn't mean that the state's motto is less relevant or inspiring. In fact, it's more relevant than ever.

Think about it for a moment. Nevada has rugged landscapes, harsh conditions, and determined individuals. It's a place where people have to fight for everything they have. And that's precisely what "Battle Born" represents: the strength, resilience, and courage of people everywhere, not just in Nevada.

While the controversy surrounding Nevada's state motto, "Battle Born," is understandable, it still serves as a powerful symbol of strength, resilience, and courage that remains relevant today. As a company named after the motto, we believe that it perfectly captures the grit and determination of the people of Nevada and of all people who face challenging circumstances. "Battle Born" represents not just a historical event but a timeless spirit that inspires us to keep fighting for what we believe in, no matter the odds. Let's continue to embrace this motto and all that it stands for and use it to forge a brighter future for ourselves and for those around us.

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