Introducing Battle Born Unorthodox Water Based Pomade

We are proud to announce our newest edition to our product line, an exquisitely handcrafted all-natural water based pomade for the hair. From fall to summer, we have been testing our pomade and are proud to finally announce it’s official release.  Born in the heat of the Las Vegas desert, we’ve created a pomade that can stand up to the harsh conditions of the Nevada desert. For the last several months our pomade has adorned the hair of those that club to all hours of the morning, to those who hike the breathtaking views of Red Rock, and this pomade does not disappoint.

Wear it to bed, and then upon waking up, simply restyle quickly with a comb.  Washing out pomade doesn't have to be a nightmare either. When you are ready to wash your hair, one quick shampooing will do the trick.

What’s even more exciting is that this is NOT your typical water based hair pomade.  It is an unorthodox water based pomade. Handcrafted and brewed like our other products, with courage and true grit.

With an unorthodox hair pomade you will enjoy the the style ability of an oil based pomade without the difficulty of washing the product out.  And since our pomade is without potentially harmful ingredients, you can look good with confidence in knowing that the ingredients you put onto your hair and scalp are safe by today’s standards.

Once you open up our jar of pomade, you will first notice there is no cracking or a dry hard surface on top of the pomade. We only use Plastisol sealed liners that bond with our lids. The Plastisol creates an air tight seal with our glass jars thus protecting the freshness of our pomade.

At Battle Born Grooming Co, we believe we scent our products just right. Our fine handcrafted collection of beard oil, beard balm and water based hair pomades are not meant to overpower you. Enjoy our products confidently as they blend with your cologne.

The genius behind our blend is that once washed out, your hair will feel soft and healthy. It’s like having a nourishing professional salon treatment.  And when you are ready to reapply, Battle Born Pomade will be ready too. With a nice medium hold and a low satin shine, your hair will look right on point.

Our water based pomade does not contribute to acne and stained pillow cases. It never hardens, and you can easily restyle as often as you please.

Other great benefits include:

- Medium hold, low shine (a nice, low satin finish)
- Easy to restyle
- Smooth and creamy breakdown
- Spreads easy in the hands.
- Rinses out with one shampooing
- No tug, no pull on your hair,
- No flakes
- No waxy synthetic chemical smell.
- No colorants or dyes
- Alcohol Free

It’s always recommended to lightly dampen the hair when applying this type of pomade. Make sure you rub our pomade in your hands for 10-20 seconds. Lightly comb through shaping your hair as you desire. Our pomade is very versatile. Whether your hair is straight and fine or curly and thick, our pomade has got you covered. If you are looking for a slightly messy hair style, try a small amount. Increase the amount for a more controlled look, and try a few scoops for the ultimate in slicking back. Our pomade will not pull on your hair. Your hair will not look wet. Your hair texture will be soft as long as you wear it.

Comes uncolored in its natural state, presented in a 4 ounce / 113 grams amber glass jar with self-sealing screw lid.

We hope you enjoy our specially crafted, small batch pomade. Of course it is produced under the strictest of standards and with the utmost of Nevada pride.