What Makes Battle Born Grooming Co’s Pomade Unique?

A Pomade Review By Workman’s Pomp

Click clack, the Prince is back. Is that how it goes? Click clack? Yeah, that's how it goes. Anyways, I got another review for you and that is the Battle Born Grooming Co natural shine, firm hold, unorthodox water base pomade.

Before today's turn of events brought Battle Born and myself together, I noticed that a lot of companies will approach me if they're up and coming. I like doing those reviews a lot more to be honest with you, because I like getting some new products out there. I saw Battle Born Grooming Co when I was looking around on Instagram and I noticed the company is out of Las Vegas. The owners donate one dollar from every one of their products sold to a foundation called ZERO—The End of Prostate Cancer. What Zero is about is researching, helping, and supporting people with prostate cancer. My grandma and other members of my family have suffered from various types of cancer. I always like companies that are supportive like that.
So, I contacted them and they sent me the products, which was nice of them. I've been looking at them for the past couple of weeks and I'm ready to get into what I would call the detailed review.
So, what makes this stuff unique is that it's a firm hold. But the thing that's the most unique to me, is the way the product reacts. I'll get into the scoop-ability and everything later. The presentation on this is really cool. I like the jar. It isn't too busy, it looks like one of those old school tonic type things, you know what I mean? Where it seems like there's a lot going on but there isn't? I think that's cool. It has the amber jar, and comes in four ounces.
The ingredients are: Water, Beeswax, Pure Jojoba Golden Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Candelilla Wax, Shea Butter, Avocado Seed Oil, Castor Seed Oil, Hyrdogenated Castor Seed Oil, Stearic Acid, Soy Lecithin, Vitamin E Oil, and preservatives.

So, most of the stuff in here is pretty good. Opening it up you'll see the product is like an almost yellowish clear product. My light is flushing it out, but but it's like a neutral color. The scent on this, it kind of reminds me of - if Irish Spring made a bay rum scent. It's earthy, not too strong, not to aggressive, but smells really, really good! It's not like an earthy to where it's like dirty. It still has some notes that stand out. This is where it gets kind of interesting to me, the scoop-ability on the stuff. You're looking at it, and you're thinking to yourself, hmm this is going to be one of those that you scoop and you got to break it down. But when you break it down, you know, where am I going with this?
This to me looks like one of those products that when you scoop it, it's going to have some texture to it. But the thing that surprised me the most, is when you scoop, it's like freaking lotion! It's weird, it's light and then when you break it down - like I said there would be some resistance -  but you can see, right there it's already kind of going into my hand, like a lotion. Now you can apply it one of two ways, I found the second way is better. You can break it down to where it looks like lotion. Or you can put some resistance into it and really put it into your hands,. You'll see that it kind of turns more into a paste. I prefer applying it this way. You get the maximum amount of hold out of it that way, instead of putting it on the lotion way. Both ways are fine and they work, but to me, breaking the product fully down works well for me. You don't need a lot of this stuff. I found that a normal amount will do. Granted, I know people always make fun of me for how much I scoop, so a normal amount for me will do.
When applying this stuff, you'll realize that there's a little bit of tackiness to it once you get it in your hair. There's no resistance putting it in. I ike that! I always like the grippy products.

Slicking it back with the applicator brush is easy and smooth. Looking at the product, I would expect it to be one of those that would tug and pull, but it doesn't. It slicks back really nice. Slicking the product back with the comb, there's no issues whatsoever, it's easy!

I notice the tackiness, it'll start to firm up, but it never becomes an issue for me. Styling it with a pick, it's easy to style. You can get some good volume. It feels pretty light in the hair but I'd say after ten minutes, it'll start to firm up, which is pretty cool.

For a firm hold, it's on the lighter side of firm. One good thing about this product is that you can always lay it into it - put a good amount on - to make it a true heavy firm. With normal application it is on the lighter side of a firm and the endurance is a medium. Having tested this all week you can add more, and get firm endurance and a medium to heavier side of a firm hold with it.
The thing I do like about this, even though it is a tad lighter for a firm; with normal hair application you get good volume. It looks like I'm getting my crazy shine. Looking into the mirror it’s natural and matte. I have black dark hair and when I put anything in it, it looks shiny. When there's lights on, you actually get a nice kind of natural matte look to it. Which is cool, because I have noticed the matte firm products are waxy. I notice the waxy and it is not fun to put it in, but there's no issue breaking down and applying this product at all. So the results you get, the volume you get, and the style you can get out of this is actually nice. And an altogether nice! I would say, it’s an adventure putting it in and using it. Washing it out is easy-peasy, no big-deazzie. It comes out with one wash, a regular shampoo, no problem with that. It's not one of those unorthodox pomades you have to wash out several times. It's easy to leave your hair feeling pretty good.
So, what are my thoughts on the Battle Born Grooming Company’s water based unorthodox pomade? I like it. It's good. It's something. Something, I haven't seen so far in a creamy-lotion type product that stays true to what it's trying to do.

I would suggest this for medium type work. As I said it has firm hold but you’re going to have to restyle it a few times throughout the day, so medium and below. If you have a desk job this will work fine. You'll get a great hold. Going out on a date, you’ll want something matte that has good volume, great hold. If you're working a heavy job where you sweat a lot you're going to have to restyle but it's not bad. I would rather have a product that stays easy to restyle and gives you good volume, than something that's heavy for trying to be a firm unorthodox water base.
So, what is my rating of this product? I would give it a 4.2 out of 5. This is a great pomade. Now, like I said, if you're looking for that killer all day endurance, you're not going to get it from this. If you're looking for something that's going to be easy to throw in real quick, and you're in a hurry; or if you want something that's going to add some good texture, some good tack and stickiness, that will set into a firm, this is going to be right up your alley. The other good thing about it that I like is that they support the Zero Prostate Cancer Charity. So you know when you're buying this that some of your money is going to helping people out. I always like that. Another plus is that these guys are on Amazon.If you have Amazon Prime, you can buy it and get that two-day shipping and it's easy.
Let me know if you guys have tried this product and let me know what you think.

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