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Battle Born Grooming Co Beard Oil is the perfect companion for your beard.

Good beard oil will turn your beard from just looking like you forgot to shave it into a prized possession that will win you extra attention all day. Guys who prefer a stubbly, short, low-maintenance beard can benefit from beard oil. Using this highly nourishing product after a fresh shave or even a few weeks after your last trim can help prevent unwanted skin flaking, irritation, itchiness, and redness. Don’t think it’s exclusive to short-bearded bros - even guys with longer beards or those with no beard can get some pretty wild satisfaction from using beard oil.

What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil is like the body of the beard. Not only does it serve functional purposes, but it also plays an aesthetic role. The product is responsible for the beard's healthy good looks, takes care of your skin, and leaves it smelling fresh and delicious. Our beard oil combines all-natural ingredients with a masculine scent that has a healthy effect on your skin. It could even replace cologne and aftershave. But it shouldn't. It should be part of your daily regimen, including shampoo or soap.

Beard oil was specifically developed for men who like to sport the rugged shadow to the man who enjoys a strong beard game. It's less of a styling agent and more of a beard maintenance necessity. With a consistency that's exactly what’s implied in its name, it's incredibly easy for skin to absorb. This means your skin and beard can get some serious nourishment with nothing more than a few rubs.

Guys who like it short often get dry, itchy skin due to shaving and trimming. Beard oil should be a self-care staple. It can effectively lock in moisture and prevent irritation.

How Does Beard Oil Work?

Just pour a dime-sized amount of oil into your palm and work it into your beard. After applying it evenly through your mustache and beard, the oil goes straight to the beard follicles, just like a hair conditioner would do after you wash your hair. This ensures that your beard stays moisturized and healthy and serves the purpose of hydrating your skin, considering that under the beard, it may not get much attention. The frequency of use may depend on the climate of your residence and water hardness. Apart from the below-the-surface work, it is great for grooming as it helps keep your coarse facial hair neat and smooth. This leaves your beard feeling soft and tangle-free. So low-maintenance dudes will love this beard blessing.

Why You Need to Use Beard Oil


Maintain a Great Looking Beard

Using beard oil after a fresh shave or even a few weeks after your last trim can help prevent unwanted skin flaking, irritation, itchiness, and redness. Beard oil gives your hair follicles a shiny and healthy look, bringing out the natural color.

Get Rid of That Beard Itch

A month into growing your beard, it starts to feel a bit itchy, and some men may prefer to push through this stage. But why should you endure the discomfort of having beard oil in the equation? But first, ever wondered why the beard itches in the first place?

Beneath every beard follicle is a pair of sebaceous glands that ensure your beard is well nourished by producing sebum oil. As your beard follicles elongate, more sebum oil is required to coat it and moisturize the skin beneath it. The challenge comes in because the sebaceous glands remain the same size, and the sebum oil demanded by your beard is more than that secreted. Generally, when the sebum isn't enough, your skin dries out, and the itching begins.

This is where beard oil comes in as a supplement to your sebum oil, nourishes and moisturizes your skin, and makes the dreaded itch go away.

Get Rid of The Dandruff on Your Beard

Your skin needs to stay hydrated as you grow a beard (no doubt about it). When the itching begins as a result of dry skin, what follows next is that it begins to flake, causing the 'beardruff' to fall off and maybe show up on your shirt. Druff is also a result of dead skin since skin and hair constantly regenerate. Druff and itchiness go hand in hand and may come about if you reside in cold or windy places. The cold can also cause your beard to become brittle, and that is a big fat no for a good mane.

Splashing on some beard oil mitigates all this mess by keeping your skin hydrated all day long and gives your beard a soft feel.

Conditioning and Styling Your Beard

Just like you may use some shampoo and conditioner for your head hair, beard oil is essential to ensure that your beard follicles look healthy and sharp. When your beard is pliable and healthy, you may not even need to comb it. As your beard grows longer, beard oil becomes more essential. Otherwise, it may look unkempt, making some small imperfections more pronounced.

When it comes to styling, you have many different looks, and beard oil can help you maintain a sharp, clean look with a style of your choice. Those stubborn hairs will be dancing to your tune with beard oil by your side.

Your Beard Smells Fresh

This point is worth repeating. Like shampoo on your hair, our scented beard oil will make your beard look terrific. Our Revolution Beard Oil scent includes cedarwood, citrus, vanilla, and clove; it’s an oil that screams fresh and delicious masculinity.

You Look Great

Who would pass on a tool that makes them look great? Beard oil will give you that ideal mane that is shiny and well groomed, and you can thank me later when you give that elevator pitch after your friends just complimented your new look.

When and How to Apply Beard Oil

Applying beard oil after a shower or washing your face is best. This is a good time because your skin pores are open and eager to absorb the oil. If you live in cooler or windy climates, it is good to let the oil be fully absorbed before setting out.

Applying the product is as easy as putting gel on your hair, but you will be good to go once you get the hang of it. After the shower, towel dry your beard, leaving it damp to allow the hair follicles to absorb more oil since the oil will replace the water.

Our beard oil comes with a dropper for easy application. Therefore, apply a few drops to your palm, deal out over your fingers on both hands, and gently massage it into your beard while rubbing it deep into the skin to begin the hydration at the base of the follicles. Then distribute the remaining evenly over your beard and mustache.

After that, you can comb or brush it into a style of your choice.

When you make this a daily routine, once or twice a day, you will have an amazing mane most of your friends will covet and even get you some extra attention from the ladies. You will also wonder what took you so long before climbing aboard the beard oil wagon.

Beard Oil Ingredients

Our carrier oil base is made from the perfect combination of Jojoba oil and Sweet almond oil. As girly as they might sound, they are fantastic for your stubble-covered skin. In reality, a combination of chemicals can achieve the same effect, but why use chemicals when quality carrier oils can do the trick even better?

Jojoba oil originates from a shrub native to Arizona, California, and Mexico. Incorporated into various skin care products, Jojoba soothes skin, reduces irritation, and nourishes hair. Jojoba oil is a non-toxic hypoallergenic used for its moisturizing effects over the years. Battle Born Grooming Co uses first-press, golden, unrefined, and pesticide-free Jojoba oil.

Sweet almond oil, on the other hand, is an essential ingredient for smooth skin. The oil is thin and runny, readily absorbed into the skin to give you a potent daily dose of vitamin A, E, and B complex. This helps keep the skin under your beard in prime condition for a healthy beard like no other.

These oils ensure that your skin and hair follicles are moisturized, keeping the hair healthy as it grows and preventing beard flakes or dandruff. It is true to include that these carrier oils play a role similar to the oils produced by our skin.

Maybe you are the kind who is put off by strong scents; worry not. The essential oils used in our blend do not linger for hours but a short while after applying. The scent will still reside off and on for a few hours, leaving you with a fresh fragrance on your mane. Essential oils are not meant to compete with your cologne.

It is also worth mentioning that our beard oil also contains Vitamin E, which delivers vital nutrients for healthy hair and skin.

Final Thoughts

Beard oils aren't new and date back to the Native American man who would use jojoba oil to maintain his mane. The product may have come online around 2006, but this is not a modern discovery. Our predecessors already knew the secret even when living in harsh climatic conditions. It is in the 1930s when the product was introduced commercially, but now more than ever it has become popular.

Now beards have become trendy and are now part of a stylish and sophisticated man's custom. To have and maintain a dashing beard, you must have the right products that are also becoming part of the style statement.

We feel we have made one of the highest quality beard oils on the market today, with a scent that delights and doesn’t overpower. We are proud to offer our Revolution Beard Oil for you to enjoy. Made in small batches and with the utmost Nevada pride.

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